Your Data Your Asset

Maximize Your Data Value and Discover Insights

Reclaim and secure your data ownership

The data creators have the power to reclaim the ownership of the valuable data and manage it securely.

Reward your time and influence

Your valuable time spent and your influence on social networks are awarded.

Monetize your data under your control

Share your valuable data with credible data consumers to earn coins with fully control.

Collaborate with DataBeyond to empower your business

DataBeyond provides nearly almost richest categories of user data and the most accurate user profiles, making it possible for any size of enterprise to access same valuable data as Tech Giants.

Exciting user base with various dimensions of data

Easy to acquire large user base quickly and know what they like

More channels to make revenue

DataBeyond provides innovated sales channels and methods to boost revenue.

Partner is the shareholder, build community together

As shareholders, partners share the the platform revenue based on contribution.

An average US consumer can make $240 per year monetizing their data for digital advertising
If an user's data @ Google, Facebook, Twitter gets bundled, it might be worth more than $2000.

News from the community

We can’t trust companies with our data

Jun 13, 2018

People should be doing that in a way that involves the user because, frankly, I want to get more personal ads. Provided I know what data you’re using to personalize it.

by Vess Popov

GDPR and Tokenizing Data

Jun 6, 2018

Tokenization of personal and sensitive data items would seem a logical way to satisfy the GDPR

by Rod Welch

How Much Is >Your< Data Worth?

Jan 19, 2018

An average US consumer can make $240 per year monetizing their data for digital advertising, likely Much More.

by Wibson